One thought on “Team

  1. Open space in the city is way too precious for parking purposes. Why not put parking spaces on top of each other as space-efficiently as if they were office units or apartments? With conventional multi-storey parking at least half of the available space is wasted on drive-through lanes, wide enough to maneuver in and out of a parking lot, and on- and off ramps. One might see smart parking facilities like VW’s Autostadt (incl. recharge service) interfacing between rail roads, bus stations and personal transportation. The smaller the vehicle, the more of them you can store away – ready for use whether they are owned or made available in a shared capacity or through a rental program. And able to take in, store away and deliver cars way faster than Autostadt’s, incl. the possibility of varying parking fees dependent on car size and parking duration. And of course, the energy generated by lowering one vehicle is either storaged or used to lift another. All computerized. There is way more possible…


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