13 thoughts on “The Project

  1. Perhaps you’ll find this interesting too: “Driverless and car-sharing urge the industry to become more creative”. Click on my name to get linked trough.


      • Don’t know if it will lead to anything, but the initiative in itself is nice. Made me think of how to better ‘interface’ the city’s different functions, in particular personal vehicles, offices and living quarters. As it involves buildings and architecture, it may be of interest to you too…


  2. Hi guys, was hoping to meet you at InnoTrans but had to leave before Friday. How was the feedback to your presentation? I checked out the “Future Mobility” corner at the fair and was quite sad that there were only 3 projects shown. So, happy to share ideas between Munich and Berlin and if you get the chance to come to our beautiful city (after the beer festival ;-) – let me know.


    • Hi Petra,
      Thanks a lot for your interest. Feedbacks at InnoTrans were great. Was good fun to be there. about this “Future Mobility” corner we had absolutely the same feelings. But it shows at the same side, that the filed of (seriously treated) urban mobility is a very modern and really hot topic and there aren’t to many guys out there, who dived really deep into it. We see a lot of potential there.
      We’re absolutely in to have a great exchange ideas. We’ll get in touch with you when we’re in Munich.
      Thanks again, see you there


  3. hy guys! I like your approach and how you set up your CI. keep in touch, I am looking forward for an exchange of our visions and possible common way were we can build the future urban mobility! contact me for a visit in Lucerne, the most beautiful city in Switzerland


  4. Great project and nice website. You’re not alone with these thoughts. Do you know NiMo? (www.nimo.eu). I’d also be happy to provide some inputs – we created Fundride (www.fundride.me) with the ultimate goal of increasing the average number of persons in a moving car. That’s by far the most efficient way to fight traffic congestion. Get in touch if you’re interested in a partnership!


  5. Telecommuting work is becoming more available. This enables people to avoid traveling to work. In
    theory people will have more time for exercise outside including walking and bicycling. This could be incorporated into your plans too. Best of luck with your project. We need a to reduce energy consumption not just reduce fossil fuels.


    • Thank you very much for your valubale comment and we totaly agree with you: People should have more time for recreation without this timekiller of commuting. But we believe traveling is a good thing! – That’s why we aswell wanna work on the fun and experience component of commuting as well. Travel when you want/need to – otherwise stay at home on a rainy day a do the job from your homedesk. We love all the conneting technologies that allow us to organize our work in a way that we have more leisure time and more work done at once! Same for the energy. We might even use more energy in the future to have even more comfort – and that’s not a bad thing! – As long as the energy we use is clean, renewable and not built on the shoulders of weaker countries!


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