Post and electric vehicle? Fits perfect!

The French post “La Poste” ordered 10 000 electric Kangoo Van Z.E in 2011 from Renault and they want to increase their fleet up to 60 000 electric vehicles in 2050. In march “la Post” is about to test a concept with hydrogen fuel cell range extenders in the so called “HyKangoos”.

_4a-Renault-Kangoo-ZE-2 _4b-renault-hykangoo-electric-delivery-van-with-symbio-fcell-hydrogen-fuel-cell-range-extender_100451071_l1


The Jersey Post is testing the Renault Van as well since June 2013

The Germans “Deutsche Post” started as well a campaign in July 2013 for zero emission. They already have 79 electric vehicles which are tested in Bonn. To save over 280 tons of carbon dioxide in 2014.

DHL go Green Elektroauto DHL go Green Elektroauto

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