The first electric self-driving shuttle on sale.

Navia is an innovative mobility solution: a robotic driverless electric vehicle carrying up to eight passengers.


Navia has been designed to complement conventional transport (public or private) by taking care of the “last mile” (and the first).

Navia is the ideal companion for those environments that need a simple, safe and environment-friendly mobility solution: pedestrianized city centers, large industrial sites, airports, theme parks, university campuses or hospital complexes.

” Public transport is not enough on its own. We have to think of ways of getting around that are accessible and near at hand. The aim is to improve mobility by thinking beyond traditional layouts and the private car. ” Pierre Lefèvre, CEO, Induct

Traveling on its own at a maximum speed of 12.5 mph, the shuttle carries people independently and in complete safety, thanks to its onboard lasers and sensors that enable it to avoid obstacles in its path, or to stop if it detects a pedestrian.

When users get on board the shuttle they find a touchscreen offering the various stops the shuttle goes to. They select their destination on the screen, and the shuttle automatically sets off for it. Once there, the doors open to let passengers get off and on.

Being electric, the Navia is silent; it recharges itself unaided at a docking station, and needs no special infrastructure such as rails, so it can work on any kind of site.

” The Navia can navigate around any type of environment without needing guidance from infrastructure, unlike other solutions that have been developed in this market. ” Cyril Royere, Robotics Director, Induct

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