A Social System Between Vehicles That Support Each Other

It’s very likely that in future the streets will be dominated by self driving, autonomous acting and smart thinking robots that carry goods and persons through different modes of transportation channels. If you zoom out and and observe this scenario from a greater point of view, It stands to reason to compare this with a social system, where these vehicles know exactly about each others positions, needs, plans and even loads. Now imagine a robot car, that needs to deliver two persons in a hurry to the airport quickly, but is running out of energy. Shouldn’t be to hard for another machine to shift over some fuel/energy whilest driving exatly behind the other one with maximum speed! These vehicles can give each other a service within a ride, exchange spareparts or in case of malfunction they quickly drop of the cargo to another vehicle, that seems to be stronger, fresher and healthier…

Beitragsbild- Video Urban Mobility Berlin Intermodality


cloud layerlike a social systemThought in connectiona

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