Work in Progress – The Toolbox

urban_mobility_work in progress

Here is a quick snap shot from our studio at TU Berlin. The project is getting more and more in shape, for the moment we’re in the middle of designing a method to handle and overlook the various and complex components that influence urban mobility. We call it the toolbox:

A very important part is the pool of the researched database about the different vehicels. So every transportation device will be categoriesed, rated and visualized in a comparable mode. This comprehensive list will be called the toolbox. It creates an overlooking catalogue of the different components that make locomotion happen. We can split down every vehicle into it‘s „ingrediens“ and research the specific factors and features that are responsible for it‘s succes or failure. Now it‘s possibel to draw a complex matrix, where we can in different scale on various paths test out solution concepts based on new combinations of existing technologies. Due to this methodology we create a dynamic planning tool which allowes us to go back and furth in the planing process. It‘s dynamic, precise and infinitely expandable. It assures the outcoming design to react to any possible scenario – even the one‘s we cannot predict and the ones we don‘t even want to think of.

In this part we are very keen to filter the components and processes that distinguish themselves in high CO2 and energy saving potetials.


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