Flashback electrified!

Whoever visited Berlin recently – no way to get around this marketing bomb: The visitor’s-days by Volkswagen’s e-mobility week at Berlin Tempelhof. Several big events using the motto “electrified!” which included electric beats as well as test driving the new e-Golf, the e- up and some plug-in-hybrids. We’ve been there to check out the meaning behind. Not such a bad idea to raise awearness for clean transportation. Maybe the biggest event ever promoting electro mobility! Great success on that for Volkswagen but in the end: It’s just cars. Great to get them green, but it’s understood it won’t be the solution for efficient, sustainable urban traffic. Two steps in the right direction by Volkswagen. Four years to go for the brand to become the claimed market leader by 2018. Step on it!

Who ever is interested: see you on sunday at the Berliner Fahrradschau.

The exhibition was all about an environmentally friendly car solution starting with the T2 Electro to the concept car Nils and the “efficiency monster” XL1.

T2 elektro urban mobility berlin volkswagen

T2 Electro

nils urban mobility berlin volkswagen


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